Antonio Brown has probably gone through some of the wackiest antics of any NFL wide receiver in quite some time. After forcing his way out of Pittsburgh in the offseason, Brown decided to annoy his new team, the Oakland Raiders, by filing multiple helmet grievances with the NFL. Essentially, Brown was unhappy that his helmet from the previous ten years had been banned by the league. He wanted to have it reinstated but the league wouldn't budge and an arbitrator told Brown to acquiesce or face the consequences.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Brown has finally made up his mind about his next helmet. Instead of his old Schutt AiR Advantage, he will be using the Xenith Shadow helmet. As Schefter notes, Brown feels good in this helmet and is confident it will be good enough for games.

Now that Brown has his helmet situation figured out, he can finally focus his attention to the game of football which is surely some good news for Oakland Raiders fans everywhere. Brown isn't all the way in the clear though as today, he ripped the team for fining him upwards of $54K for missed practices.

No matter what, you just can't win.