Antonio Brown has been trolling the Twitter streets over the last few months and it has led to some pretty hilarious fan reactions. NFL fans are hanging off of Brown's every word and sometimes, it leads to some glorious overreactions and overanalysis. The latest example of this was this morning when he took to Twitter to claim he is the greatest sixth-round pick of all-time.

Back in 2010, Brown was drafted 195th overall in the sixth round by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Players picked that deep in the draft usually don't become superstars so his path to success is certainly out of the ordinary.

At first glance, his statement doesn't seem that bizarre until you realize one of the greatest players of all-time was also picked in the sixth round. Of course, the player in question here is Tom Brady who has six Super Bowls and will most likely go down as the greatest to ever play. Brady fans were quick to spot Brown's post and immediately dove into his comments with some quick retorts.

Brady fans can be quite obsessive so it's not surprising to see them behave in this way. Perhaps if Brown had narrowed the playing field down to wide receivers, no one would have anything to say.