It’s been a long couple of month for Pittsburgh Steelers superstar wide receiver Antonio Brown. At the end of the team’s latest season, Brown had an altercation at practice with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and ended up missing the last game of the season against the Cincinnati Bengals. In the aftermath of that, Brown made it pretty clear that he no longer wanted to play in Pittsburgh and that his preferred destination was the San Francisco 49ers.

This week, news broke that Brown was implicated in an alleged domestic dispute with the mother of his daughter. Brown allegedly pushed her while she was standing in the doorway of his home and police are still investigating the situation.

Despite the unfortunate negativity surrounding Brown right now, he was spotted doing something positive for the Santa Monica community as he took to the Boys & Girls Club to play a game of dodgeball. Before the match, Brown took to the classroom and spoke to the kids there and shared some words of encouragement before taking some pics, according to TMZ Sports.

Brown decided to play on a team consisting of no one but himself and the wide receiver was promptly destroyed by the kids out on the court. The wide receiver looked pretty alone out there and just couldn’t keep up with the energy of all the kids.

It’s great to see Brown doing some good in the community though. Stay tuned for updates on what happens with Brown during the offseason and whether or not he ends up with a new team.