Antonio Brown has been a popular man in the NFL over the past few months thanks to his public falling out with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers ended up trading Brown to the Oakland Raiders where he is currently on a three-year contract worth $50 million. To celebrate his impending success with a new team, Brown has acquired a brand new piece of jewelry and thanks to a video acquired by TMZ, we now know what the chain looks like.

Brown is a big fan of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali whose signature phrase was "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee." This brand new chain draws the direct inspiration from that quote as it is quite literally a bee with butterfly wings.

The piece was created by Gabriel the Jeweler and cost the star wide receiver upwards of $250,000. The chain features pear and baguette-shaped VVS diamonds which total up to 65 carats on the chain and 50 carats on the actual pendant.

It's a pretty breathtaking piece that matches the distinct personality exhibited by Brown. It will be interesting to see how Brown is able to fit in with a Raiders team that finished 4-12 last season. AB will also be able to showcase his personality when the team appears on HBO's Hard Knocks.