Antonio Brown is one of the most polarizing players in the league, especially when you consider what went down last week regarding his helmet grievance with the NFL. Brown ended up filing a motion against the league asking for his old helmet to be reinstated after being banned. In the end, an arbitrator ruled in favor of the league and Brown was forced to acquiesce. Now, all that is standing in the way of Brown returning to the football field is a frostbitten food that got injured during a trip inside of a cryogenic chamber

Yesterday, Brown was on the sidelines of the Oakland Raiders' preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals and he provided some much-needed fan service to the crowd. In footage obtained by TMZ, Brown can be seen giving his glove to a crying fan who seems eternally grateful over the gesture. From there, Brown gave the kid a hug which further endeared him amongst the Raiders faithful.

Once Brown returns from his injury, he has an opportunity to ingratiate himself within the community even more, as long as he can put up some big results on the field. Brown is one of the best receivers in the league and some highlight-reel plays would certainly go a long way in erasing all of the antics that were on full display over the last few weeks.