Earlier this week, a video of Antonio Brown farting on his doctor went viral after a huge report from Sports Illustrated which highlighted some of Brown's behavior. The whole video is pretty bizarre, with Brown ripping farts right in front of the doctor as he tests Brown's body fat. In the article from SI, Dr. Victor Prisk talks about the whole incident and how he found it to be extremely bizarre and unprofessional. Now, Brown is trying to refute those claims, saying Prisk actually loved the whole clip.

On his Instagram story yesterday, Brown posted a screenshot of alleged texts between him and Prisk. Essentially, Prisk found it amusing that the whole thing made it to TMZ when it was first posted a year ago. Prisk even says that it was funny, with Brown echoing those exact same sentiments.

Image via @ab

As you can see from the screenshot, Brown thinks Prisk is just looking for some clout at this point and just can't be taken seriously. Brown's stance on this isn't all that surprising when you consider how Prisk is suing AB for $11,500 in unpaid services, according to TMZ.

Meanwhile, Brown is currently eligible to play for the Patriots on Sunday against the New York Jets. Let's just say it's been an eventful last few weeks for AB.