Antonio Brown has bee having himself an interesting last few months and is constantly saying some weird and outlandish stuff on social media. It doesn't seem like the Pro Bowl wide receiver is going to stop any time soon, especially after his most recent Twitter rant which saw him going off on a whole plethora of people. Late last night, Brown went on yet another Twitter rant although this time he has completely changed his target audience.

This time around, Brown spoke about some of the things he wishes to accomplish in 2020 and as it turns out, he has one big resolution in particular. As he explains in the post below, white women are canceled heading into the next year. 

As you can imagine, fans in his comments were quick to clown him for the statement although, at this point, it's just par for the course with Brown. The wide receiver is constantly putting his foot in his mouth and this latest declaration is yet another example of his erratic behavior. 

For now, Brown is waiting on the NFL's decision as to whether or not he will be reinstated. Fans are pretty interested to see how it will all turn out and it seems as though AB is getting a little restless. Stay tuned for updates on Brown's status as we will be sure to bring it to you.