As soon as Antonio Brown signed with the New England Patriots, there were people making bets on how long he would last there. In the end, he only lasted about a week as he played one game with the team before being released. The Patriots made the decision after multiple sexual assault allegations were launched against him. With the NFL investigating the star wide receiver, it appears as though the team didn't want anything to do with him and made a quick decision.

In a new column from Tom Curran of NBC Sports Boston, it was reported that both Tom Brady and Bill Belichick were adamant about wanting to keep Brown but in the end, it was owner Robert Kraft who wanted him out. Kraft has always been one to avoid distractions on his team and as soon as AB became a liability, he cut him.

Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The column describes in detail just how much Brady loved having Brown on the team. For instance, Curran describes Brady's feeling towards Brown's practices as "breathtaking" and that his talents were “beyond anything Brady ever worked with.” Brady has played with some special players over the years but Curran's words show just how much Brady enjoyed AB's presence. Meanwhile, Belichick is in the business of winning games and seemed less than enthusiastic about the idea of cutting such a phenomenal player.

While the Patriots are in the driver's seat at 3-0, perhaps we will see some tension between Kraft and his personnel as the season goes on.