Antonio Brown's saga in the NFL has been an interesting one that came to a screeching halt back in September of 2019 as numerous allegations surfaced. Brown was immediately released by the New England Patriots and became a part of a massive NFL investigation that spanned months. In the weeks following the start of this investigation, Brown continued to become more erratic although, after his arrest in January of 2020, he has significantly calmed down and has gotten help.

Recently, Brown demanded that the NFL finish its investigation as it was seemingly taking forever. Not to mention, numerous teams are interested in Brown although the investigation has made him unavailable. Well, today, that all changed as the NFL alerted Brown that he would receive and eight-game suspension without pay, according to Adam Schefter.

If Brown were to be signed prior to the start of the season, he would be allowed to take part in the team's training camp, and it would be added to the roster for the ninth game of the season. While the suspension certainly hurts, this is huge news for Brown as it means he will finally able to resume his NFL career following a turbulent 2019.

Stay tuned for updates as this is a developing story.