The NFL has fined Steelers' wide receiver Antonio Brown for a couple of different infractions on Monday night, including his twerking touchdown celebration. Additionally, the league docked him for wearing baby blue cleats which violates the league's uniform protocol. 

A first-time unsportsmanlike conduct offense, such as twerking all over the opposing team's endzone, will typically cost a player $12,154. The custom cleats will likely run #84 approximately $9,115, which totals a little over $20K for those of you scoring at home. 

But when asked about the fines Brown brushed it off by telling ESPN it was "only a couple hundred," adding, "Nothing to a boss."

AB recently signed a 5-year deal with Pittsburgh worth nearly $42 million, including a $8.5M signing bonus and $8.5M guaranteed, so he definitely isn't sweating Roger Goodell's slap on the wrist.

We'll all be waiting to see what he comes up with for his next trip to the endzone, which will probably be this Sunday against the Bengals.