No football player has elicited more of a polarizing response this season than Antonio Brown. After being released by the Oakland Raiders, Brown joined the New England Patriots and ended up being kicked out of there as well. It hasn't been a very good month for AB but regardless, he is pretty confident he is still one of the best wide receivers to ever do it. Brown has been causing some problems for the league and has even filed grievances against the Raiders and Patriots so that he can get the guaranteed money that was owed to him.

Brown will most likely find it tough to get what he wants but he doesn't seem to care all that much. After roasting the likes of Baker Mayfield and Eric Weddle on social media, AB has returned to Twitter to reclaim his throne as the best wider receiver in the sport. Brown even made an appeal to fantasy football owners, asking if they missed him. 

None of these tweets suggest AB is coming back into the league anytime soon but they do indicate how aware he is of his own absence. Fantasy football owners who drafted Brown have been fairly upset this season as they don't have his production to fall back on every week. Meanwhile, Brown pled with the Patriots earlier this week, saying he wants the team to let him earn his money. Essentially, he wants a second chance although that most certainly won't happen anytime soon.