Whether you've decided to side with Ben Roethlisberger or Antonio Brown, one thing's for certain, both men have been guilty on some level, or lesser-than behavior. During his tenure with the Pittsburgh Steeler, it had become painfully obvious that Big Ben was leveraging his influence within the organization to sway the narrative in his favor, beyond what was made public regarding his fallout with AB. Roethlisberger would often use his weekly radio platform as an outlet to take digs at his teammates.

Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

But alas - Antonio Brown has done himself and his new teammates a disservice, by invoking the same dispirited energy that consumed him in Pittsburgh. The helmet debacle is certainly an issue worth debating, but out of respect to his new Raiders' teammates, should he not about this process more quietly? Then again, maybe he's right to make all that noise, it's not as if the NFL's head office has a history of protecting its very own, or making player-friendly concessions and decisions. 

As for AB's helmet grievance(s), ESPN is reporting that league officials have ruled against making him and his modded equipment an exception to the rulebook. This is Brown's 2nd failed grievance in as many weeks. Sources close to the situation believe AB will ultimately abandon his quest to have the Schutt Air Advantage helmet approved by league officials. He is reportedly pondering his options, amidst a field of endorsement packages that would entail him wearing a given helmet in exchange for $ over multiple years.

In his defense, the All-Pro wideout has worn the Schutt headpiece since the onset of his career. The NFL's rule changes on equipment is more than just a reflection of their new stance on player safety - manufacturers are required to seek proper licensing if they are to do business with the NFL. Even an All-American boy like Tom Brady was forced into switching manufacturers this offseason. For the record, AB did take the field on Tuesday in a league-certified helmet, while he ponders his options.