Antonio Brown has been having himself a pretty crazy month and now that he's not on an NFL team, he's been spending all of his time on social media. Today, Brown got back on Twitter and claimed he would be coming back to football very soon. It seems like there are plenty of teams who still want to sign him although he'll have to wait until the NFL investigation against him has been completed.

After telling people he would be coming back, Los Angeles Rams safety Eric Weddle was in Golden Tate's Twitter replies saying he didn't need a guy like AB on his team. Of course, Brown saw these comments and immediately went off on Weddle with some trash talk. "U need some attention lil man glad I put that stuff arm in your neck in pittsburgh u deserved it Lil Weedle," Brown wrote.

Weddle eventually clapped back which led to a quick back and forth between the two. Fans were pretty shocked by the entire exchange and it all ended with Brown posting a picture of his aforementioned stiff-arm against Weddle. Brown even took some shots at the Sports Illustrated reporter who broke the story about some of his exploits

You can check out the Twitter exchange below.