Antonio Brown wants his money. According to Ian Rapoport, the former NFL wide-receiver has filed grievances through the NFL Player's Association against the New England Patriots and the Oakland Raiders. Brown hopes to win back the $40 million that he has lost to unpaid salary, fines, and voided guarantees. The grievances were officially filed on Friday afternoon.

Sources say the case likely won't be heard by the system arbitrator until the spring. The breakdown of his money is fairly convoluted. He's looking for payment of guarantees for 2019 and 2020 ($29 million) and his signing bonus of $1 million. He also wants to be refunded for roughly $215,000 in fines handed out by the Raiders.

Then, with the Patriots, there's the unpaid Week 1 salary of $64,062, the rest of the $1.025 million that was his guaranteed base salary, and a $9 million signing bonus that was never paid. On top of all of this, Brown is also filing for breach of contract. Altogether, it comes to about $40 million. 

Brown was released by the Patriots after being named the subject of an NFL investigation for rape and sexual assault. He also texted intimidating messages to the accusers.