Antonio Brown's saga in New England has just begun and it has already devolved into one of the most bizarre sports stories of the entire year. In a recent Sports Illustrated article, Brown was accused of sexual assault by a second woman and some of his antics were put on full display. One of the weirdest stories to come from the exposé came courtesy of Dr. Victor Prisk who worked with Brown on his fitness and diet. Prisk claims Brown was meeting with him in his office and kept farting uncontrollably right in front of his face. One of Brown's friends was recording this and even put it on his Instagram story.

This happened about a year ago but yesterday, the old video went viral and the internet was made subject to Brown's unholy flatulence. In the piece, Dr. Prisk explains how annoyed he was by the incident and how it showed a lack of maturity and foresight on AB's part.

“It seemed just childish to me,” Dr. Prisk said. “I’m a doctor and this man is farting in my face.”

Brown is currently being investigated by the NFL for his behavior and the sexual assault allegations made by his former trainer Britney Taylor. There is a chance Brown could be suspended which would certainly put a damper on the Patriots' plan of becoming the most dominant offensive team in the league. 

Stay tuned for updates on Brown's situation as we will be sure to bring you all of the latest updates.