Antonio Brown has had a whirlwind 2019 and it all started when he asked to be traded from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Eventually, Brown ended up on the Oakland Raiders and after some bizarre antics, he was released and signed with the New England Patriots. A bevy of allegations against Brown forced him to fall back and was eventually cut from the Patriots after just under two weeks on the roster. Now, Brown has been watching games at home and seems to be upset about his situation.

When he's not training, AB can typically be found on social media where he tries to instill some motivation into his audience. Other times, he tries to convince us that the world is against him which is exactly what he did earlier this morning. As you can see from the tweet below, Brown thinks that "they" are out to get him and don't want him to be successful.

If we understand correctly, Brown is trying to tell us that there are forces out there who are specifically against him as if there is an Anti-AB agenda governing the world. It's definitely an interesting theory although many athletes and celebrities have used this in the past when things aren't going well for them.

The only way we'll truly know for sure if this is true will be whether or not he gets another shot in the NFL. If he doesn't, then maybe he'll have a great case.