Antonio Brown has been having himself quite the month of September. Things started out fairly rocky when he was released from the Oakland Raiders after a tumultuous five-month relationship. The same day he was released, Brown was able to get himself a contract with the New England Patriots. His deal quickly turned sour after a pair of sexual assault allegations were reported against him. After playing just one game with the team, the Pats decided to part ways with Brown and now, he's on the outside looking in.

Brown's situation is a fairly unique one and fans are concerned about what's going to happen to him over the next few months. There is no telling whether or not his NFL career is finished and people want answers. Based on his latest Instagram post, it seems as though Brown is feeling like everyone is against him right now. As a man of God, Brown knows things will get better but right now, it's been tough.

"Remember when your back against the wall and the world be against you just wait on The Lord," Brown wrote.

Brown has some other legal problems he needs to take care of right now. Yesterday, he was in court for a deposition regarding a lawsuit in which he is alleged to have trashed his condo in Miami. 

With all of these things on Brown's plate, it could be a while before we see him in the league again.