Antonio Brown hasn't played a single game with the Oakland Raiders yet and he's still been a huge distraction for them. For the past week, everyone has been talking about his frostbitten foot injury which was caused by a cryogenic chamber. Today, a huge bombshell was announced by ESPN's Adam Schefter, when he reported that AB is upset about the helmet the league is forcing him to wear and that he wants to use the one he played with last season. The helmet from last year has effectively been banned and Brown told the Raiders that if he can't have the league's decision reversed, he will never play football again.

In the midst of all of this, Brown posted a video to Instagram in which players throughout the league praise him for being hard to cover. It's a bizarre sentiment to share, especially when you're threatening to quit football.

"I love the game; I love the hustle ; young-in got doe he can leave the league but if I leave will the fans still gone love me man?" Brown wrote.

Over the next week or so, it will be interesting to see what comes of this situation and whether or not AB will come to his senses and play with the helmet he's allowed to.