Antonio Brown pulled off the greatest finesse of all-time this past weekend when he got the Raiders to release him. He eventually signed with the New England Patriots which was a move pretty much every NFL fan saw coming. The Patriots are notorious for those kinds of signings and Brown played the league like a bunch of fools. Now, he's on an already-stacked receiving core and can help the Patriots win a seventh championship.

Brown on the Patriots is every fan's worst nightmare and he and quarterback Tom Brady are well aware of this. Brady has been known as a bit of a troll and this trend continued yesterday when a selfie was posted with him and AB. In the photo, both men are smiling as if they've been friends forever and seem to already be loving their partnership. If you're a Patriots fan, you have to be excited about the very idea of these two on the same field together.

The Patriots will be taking on the abysmal Miami Dolphins next weekend so it's safe to say Brown will be primed and ready for a big game. If Lamar Jackson can throw for five touchdowns against the Dolphins, we can only imagine the damage Brady is about to do.

Either way, the Patriots are video game team at this point.