Blonde mustache enthusiast Antonio Brown has been getting pretty spicy on social media as of late. Over the weekend, he got into a ridiculous Twitter spat with overall good guy JuJu Smith-Schuster. Brown was seemingly upset with JuJu for being a better player this year and showed those frustrations by telling Smith-Schuster that he fumbled the season away for the Steelers. This prompted JuJu to react with understandable confusion, saying he always showed Brown love and couldn't understand why he had to stoop so low.

After JuJu's Twitter response, Brown shared an Instagram DM Smith-Schuster had sent him during his USC days, asking Brown for advice. Brown seemed to think that was damning evidence against JuJu, although the football world unanimously acknowledged just how wrong Brown was.

Now, it seems as though AB has turned a new leaf. He took to Twitter yesterday to say that he's done with the "Nonsense" and he's focused on playing football for the Oakland Raiders.

"Not giving you media fakes no more ammo," Brown wrote. "Enjoy my name AB !!! I am in Cali living ready to ball no nonsense !! You trollers troll... To good to worry #CallGod."

Considering just how unpredictable AB is, it remains to be seen whether or not he'll actually stick to his plan. Regardless, it should be an interesting season in Oakland.