Just when we thought the Antonio Brown situation was coming to a close, a new development arose. Last night, a woman by the name of Britney Taylor accused Brown of sexual assaulting her on three separate occasions while he had her employed as his trainer. Brown immediately came out and denied the allegations and even went so far as to say he plans to countersue as he is allegedly the victim of false accusations. The New England Patriots released a statement late last night pertaining to the case and are doing everything they can to look into the situation.

Now, it is being reported by TMZ that Taylor went to authorities and underwent a polygraph test to see if she was being truthful about what transpired. She was asked about two separate incidents, including one in 2017 where Brown allegedly ejaculated on her back without consent. The other alleged assault occurred in May of 2018 which is when Brown allegedly raped her. According to the report, the polygraph determined she was being truthful.

There are still many steps that have to be followed through on before a resolution is brought forward in this case. Polygraph tests usually don't hold up in court and Brown's lawyers will be working tooth and nail to fight Taylor's claims.

Stay tuned for updates on this case as we will be sure to bring them to you.