Last month, a major scandal broke out in Hollywood when Nicole Murphy was spotted kissing director Antoine Fuqua, who has been married to Lela Rochon since 1999. Fuqua and Rochon have both been silent since the world was shaken up by the news and as a direct result of the backlash against her husband, Rochon deactivated her social media accounts. There needed to be a point where the actress would resurface and it happened this week at a special event for the premiere of David Makes Man on OWN. Surprisingly enough, she was still rocking her wedding ring on the red carpet.

David Livingston/Getty Images

Lela Rochon stepped out for one of the first times since the public cheating scandal involving her husband and Nicole Murphy. People kept a close eye on the star, who was walking the red carpet without Antoine Fuqua in tow. Fans' eyes were glued to her left hand to see if she would be wearing her wedding ring and it turns out she is still showing people that she is a happily married woman. She took several photos, put on a big smile and a brave face before the internet started to talk. 

Hopefully, Antoine and Lela had a long talk about what happened and can remain on the same page. Do you think Rochon was trying to send a message with her red carpet appearance?

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