This upcoming Saturday is UFC 235 and will see Jon Bones Jones up against Anthony Smith to defend his light heavyweight title. Jones most recently won the title at UFC 232 after Daniel Cormier relinquished his title. While Jones is a huge favorite to win the fight, Smith is confident that he can pull off the upset. In a recent interview with TMZ Sports, the fighter even encouraged fans to put money on him as he believes they could come away with a big payday thanks to him.

"If you wanna make some money, throw some money on me, man!!!" Smith said. "If you don't and you bet against me, I'm sorry you're gonna lose your money."

Smith is extremely confident in his abilities heading into the fight, essentially guaranteeing that he will come out as the winner. Smith is 31-13 in his career, while Jones is 23-1. Jones isn't used to losing so it would be interesting to see how Smith handles him. 

"I'm gonna finish Jon Jones," Smith said. "I'm gonna put this fist on his chin and he's gonna go down. And, whether he stays down is up to him. But, if he gets back up, I'll do it again."

Who do you have taking the fight this weekend?