Anthony Smith and Glover Teixeira took part in UFC's main event last night and all of the oddsmakers had Smith coming away with a KO or TKO victory. Well, instead, the fight went to Teixeira who won beating Smith down for the better part of five rounds. As fans noted, Smith started out very strong but things got dicey in the third round and it was all downhill from there. Regardless, it was a great showing from Teixeira who can still deliver the blows despite being older.

At one point in the fourth round, Teixeira had Smith on the ground and was punching him from the back. Smith's teeth started to get knocked loose and eventually, some fell out. In the clip below, you can see Smith find the tooth on the floor while in the midst of being punched. Once he grabs a hold of it, he hands it to the referee.

In between the fourth and fifth rounds, Smith continued to complain about his loose teeth although his trainer told him to keep going. Eventually, the fight was stopped in the fifth, and Teixeira was declared the winner.

Smith seemed to be quite respectful in defeat and was well-aware of the fact that he was being outclassed the underdog. We imagine Smith will be making a trip to the dentist very shortly.