Anthony Pettis has been steadily climbing up in the UFC thanks to his ability to win in every division he's fought in. Pettis started out in the featherweight division was able to move up and win matches in the lightweight and welterweight divisions. Because of this, Pettis believes him and McGregor would be a "dream fight" for fans. Although, as he told TMZ Sports, fighting McGregor would also be a bad idea considering he's retired. Pettis would rather not fight someone whose motivation is low.

"Man, I wouldn't talk him outta retirement. If someone wants to retire, don't get in the Octagon with me," Pettis explained. "It's gonna be a bad one. I'm too hungry right now. I'm too motivated. I just knocked out the #3 in the world at 170 pounds. If you're trying to retire, don't entertain a fight with me."

Pettis also explained why a fight with McGregor would be so fun to watch. In his eyes, they both have similar styles that are exciting and violent.

"I go for the kill. He goes for the kill. We both have a flashy striking style with a great ground game," Pettis said.

If these two were to fight, who do you think would win?