New Orleans Pelicans rookie Buddy Hield was ejected from last night's game for deliberately hitting DeMarcus Cousins in the balls while fighting over a screen, and he'll probably receive a fine from the league as well.

Of course, Hield insists it was unintentional.


"Nothing was intentional. DeMarcus sold it," Hield said. "Then on slow-motion [replay], it looks worse than it is."

In the aftermath of Hield's outrageous defensive technique, Anthony Davis posted a hilarious photo on snapchat of a sleeping Hield on the team plane with his hands down his pants.

Davis captioned the snap, "Still trying to grab nuts!!" and we don't see this joke ending any time soon. Don't be surprised if Hield's car is filled with nuts after an upcoming game.

Check out the snap, as well as Hield's low blow on Cousins below.