Once the NBA regular season is over, the Anthony Davis saga in New Orleans will come to an end. Davis has made it clear that he no longer wants to play with the Pelicans and would prefer to be traded. The news that Davis wanted to leave broke around a week before the trade deadline which led to plenty of teams trying to make trades with the Pelicans. One of the teams that seemed to be all in on the Pelicans was the Los Angeles Lakers who were ready to give up all of their young stars just to acquire Davis. In the end, a deal was never made and the Lakers haven't been the same since.

While the Lakers were one of the teams Davis wanted to go to, it seemed as though the Pelicans had no interest in even talking to the Lakers. This was fueled by allegations of tampering by LeBron James and Klutch Sports president Rich Paul who also represents Davis.

Heading into the offseason, the Pelicans will surely want to get a deal done, although according to Marc Spears via Pro Basketball Talk, there is "no way" he is traded to the Lakers. New Orleans fired general manager Dell Demps after the trade deadline but even with his departure, the team is remaining consistent with who they want to negotiate with.

In the video above, Spears appeared on ESPN's "The Jump" where he echoed those exact same sentiments. He even said that the Los Angeles Clippers have become the premier team in L.A.