Anthony Davis was a fairly quiet player in his first few seasons in the league. Davis was able to dominate the court without really dominating the news cycle or the headlines. That all changed this year though when it was revealed that Davis wanted out of New Orleans and was hoping to be traded to the Los Angeles Lakers so that he could play with LeBron James. As we all know, the Lakers never acquired Davis despite throwing almost all of their young talent at them. The Pelicans refused to move Davis and he's been given less playing time ever since.

The Davis saga finally came to a close last night with the team's last game of the season. Davis wore a "That's All Folks" shirt which fans felt was a little bit of a troll now that he'll surely be traded this summer.

After the game, reporters asked Pelicans head coach Alvin Gentry about the trade talks that surrounded Davis this season and whether he'd seen such a bad fallout before.

"Not this toxic, no," Gentry said according to ESPN. "Not that affected two teams. And two guys. One lost his job, and the other one resigned from his job. So no, in 31 years I hadn't had anything that would equal this kind of fallout. No, I haven't."

It's unclear where Davis will end up this season, however, any trade involving Davis will surely be the biggest of the Summer.