This season, the Los Angeles Lakers came in as the reigning champions and it's clear that everyone is gunning for them. The Brooklyn Nets are certainly their biggest rival as far as title contenders are concerned although considering all of the injuries the Lakers have suffered this season, there are some doubts that the Lakers can even make it all the way to the NBA Finals.

Recently, Lakers superstar Anthony Davis got to sit down with Rachel Nichols of ESPN where they talked about the Lakers' title chances and what it's been like going through injuries of his own. AD noted that he is feeling much better and that heading into the playoffs, he has all of the confidence in the world. Davis knows this Lakers team is capable of a lot and once everyone is healthy, other teams are going to have to watch out.

"Put us against anyone. I don't think no one wants to see us first round," Davis said. "I think we're capable of beating anyone in a seven-game series."

While Davis is back in the lineup, it might be a couple of weeks until LeBron James returns. Once everyone is back, there is no denying the Lakers have a shot at a title and if LeBron's track record is a sign of things to come, then some oddsmakers might want to make the Lakers favorites to get to the Finals.

Anthony Davis

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