Just a week before the NBA trade deadline, news broke that New Orleans Pelicans star Anthony Davis wanted out of NOLA. It was a pretty big bombshell at the time that sent shockwaves throughout the entire NBA. Teams began to lineup in order to try to get a deal done with former Pelicans general manager Dell Demps. It appeared as though Davis' premiere destination was the Los Angeles Lakers, but Demps refused to do a deal with them despite Magic Johnson offering up practically the whole team. Regardless, Davis was never traded and he has reluctantly remained in New Orleans since then. 

Now that he wants to leave, Pelicans fans aren't taking too kindly to him anymore. This feeling has manifested itself in a shower of boos whenever he touches the ball. That hate also boiled over on Davis' birthday. Yesterday, the team's Twitter account shared a Happy Birthday message which was met with some pretty hilarious, albeit, petty replies.