Last night was a huge won for the Los Angeles Lakers as they took a massive 3-1 lead on the Houston Rockets in the second round of the NBA playoffs. If the Lakers manage just one more win, they will punch their ticket to the Western Conference Finals where they will be eight wins away from securing an NBA Championship. Anthony Davis and LeBron James have been leading the charge for the team, especially last night as the former scored 29 points.

Following the game, reporters spoke to AD about the game, with most of the reporters calling in via Zoom. At one point, one reporter called in to ask about Davis' shirt which featured the likes of Kobe Bryant on it. Unfortunately for the reporter, her dog started barking in the background, which led to some laughter from AD who couldn't make out any of the words the journalist was trying to say.

It made for a pretty hilarious moment that has almost become standard throughout the bubble. The new technology has led players and the media into situations that they never thought they'd have to deal with, and now, we have dogs barking in the middle of press conferences.

2020 is certainly something else.