Anthony Davis' time as a member of the New Orleans Pelicans is coming to an end, and some Pelicans fans are showing him the exit with their middle fingers held high.

Following Wednesday night's loss to the Charlotte Hornets, a fan in the crowd got Davis' attention as he was walking to the locker room, and reportedly flipped AD the bird as soon as he looked up. As seen in the video embedded below, Davis quickly returned the gesture.

The video was posted by Pelicans fan account @PelicansWave, who reported the following, "Some Old man was trying to get ADs attention and once he did he flipped off AD and AD did it right back." Davis then reached out to the IG account to share his side of the story.

AD writes, "First off lil homie you don't know what happened and why I did that. Some fan disrespected me. Said something I didn't like."l

He continued, "Never disrespected the city and never will. But of course they not gonna show what the fan said."

After his trade demands went public earlier this season, Davis explained that he has given the city, and the fans, everything he has, but it's simply his "time to move on."

"It’s my time. I feel like I gave this city, the organization, fans everything I felt like I could. Don't know how long I'm gonna play this game. People's careers are short. I feel like it's my time to move on."

"I'm going to remain professional," Davis told reporters. "I'm under contract, until my time ends here, that's what I'll do."