Anthony Davis had himself yet another great game with the Los Angeles Lakers last night as the team picked up a huge Game 4 win against the likes of the Denver Nuggets. Now, the Lakers are just one game away from the NBA Finals, where they would most likely take on the Miami Heat, or the Boston Celtics if they manage a huge comeback. Unfortunately, Davis got a close call yesterday as he hurt his ankle and had to come out of the game for a bit.

Eventually, Davis returned although while speaking to reporters, he admitted that the injury could have been a lot worse. "Ankle feels fine. I got tonight, tomorrow, before the (next) game to get it (better)," Davis said noting that it rolled “pretty bad, but not too bad."

Davis has had injury problems throughout his career and as a result, the Lakers have been wary about him during the season. However, Davis has managed to stay relatively healthy and is a large reason why the Lakers are in the position they are now.

If the Lakers were to lose Davis, they would certainly be in for a rough time, especially since LeBron is more of a facilitator these days. Either way, the Lakers can rest easy knowing AD will be good to go on Saturday for Game 5.