Right before the Free Agency period opened up, the Los Angeles Lakers traded their entire future for the services of Anthony Davis. Players like Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, and Josh Hart were sent to the New Orleans Pelicans and it appears as though the trade has worked out for everyone involved. Halfway through the season, Davis requested a trade out of New Orleans with some thinking it could get done by the trade deadline. A deal was never made and Davis' future lingered into the Summer. Now that Davis is a member of the Lakers, he has been speaking to the media and even talked to Rachel Nichols of ESPN.

In a recent clip, Davis asked AD if he regrets how he handled his situation. As a player looking to reclaim his autonomy, Davis said he did what was right for him.

"No, I wish I did it the way I did it," Davis said. "I love the city of New Orleans, but from a professional standpoint, I felt like it was time for me to move on."

Davis went on to say that he used to let his team make decisions for him but at this point, he can safely say that he's in the driver's seat of his own career.

"I allowed people to tell me what to do and advise me to do things, and I’d think, ‘Alright, they’re looking out for me,'" Davis explained. "Now, by me being able to take control of my career, any decision I make I can sleep at night. That’s the biggest thing for me."