Anthony Davis is one of the best basketball players in the NBA and this offseason, he has been working hard so that he can achieve greatness with his new team, the Los Angeles Lakers. David will be paired up with the almighty LeBron James and they are already being projected to be the best duo in the entire NBA. While this remains to be seen, it's clear that Davis is motivated to prove he can be a number one option on a championship-winning team.

David was recently working out and as you can imagine, he wanted to listen to some music to get himself pumped up. The Lakers star requested "Under The Sun" off of the new Dreamville album and was immediately seeing results. While using a machine that tests the velocity of your punches and arm strength, Davis actually broke a record on that particular machine.

If there is one thing that is clear about this video, it's that Dreamville has the ability to make athletes better than they've ever been. The power of J. Cole is undeniable and there is no telling what Davis can achieve if he continues to listen to Dreamville before his workouts and his games.

While it's clearly a coincidence, it's a pretty funny one nonetheless.