Nestled out in the western most corner of Los Angeles County is Westlake Village. Tucked away from the rest of Los Angeles, Westlake Village is an amazing place to retreat and enjoy the views. New Orleans Pelicans' star Anthony Davis will now be calling the scenic village his home, as TMZ reports that he just purchased a $7.5 million dollar home in the town.

The beautiful home includes a home theater, gym, infinity pool with water slides, outdoor kitchen, and an indoor basketball court. The guest house also features a private bar. The only picture of the residence posted on TMZ gives observers an aerial view of the estate in which the pool and slides are fully visible. There is a jacuzzi connected to the pool, and although it's hard to tell how many rooms are packed into the mansion, there appears to be at least five bedrooms in the residence. 

Although Davis' new home is just an hour and a half from the Staples Center, Lakers fans shouldn't get too excited. The Pelicans achieved their first playoff series win in a decade this past season on the strength of Davis' skill. He is also locked down under contract for three more seasons.