This weekend, NBA star Anthony Davis caused quite the stir when he first published a poll on Twitter, asking fans whether or not he should shave his signature unibrow. When the results came in favor of ‘Yes,’ the New Orleans Pelicans player soon uploaded a video of himself following through on his word—or not according to some fans. In the clip, the camera happens to conveniently topple over right when Davis is about to shave.

Once he repositions his phone, the unibrow has already been transformed into two eyebrows. In addition to this, this decision arrived just days before the first of the month—April Fools Day. The combination of circumstances has given fans probable cause to chalk this up to a practical joke, and with good reason. It’s pretty hard to imagine the five-time All-Star without The Brow that some claim holds all the secret juice that gives him his game.

As April Fools Day has finally arrived in conjunction with a scheduled matchup between the Pelicans and the Oklahoma City Thunder on the same day, the truth will soon come to the light within a matter of hours. Until then, amuse yourself with Twitter’s top reactions of skepticism to Anthony Davis’s alleged transformation.