Another day, another viral sensation based on the hit Nickelodeon animated series Spongebob Square Pants begins to infiltrate the Internet. Last time, it was an image of Patrick Star that captivated the minds' and imaginations' of Twitter users, who found cheekily appropriate real-life scenarios to apply the image to. That meme spread like wildfire over a short period of time, permeating amongst various newsfeeds with some light-hearted humour. 

However, people on Twitter have found use for another mundane still frame from the beloved television series, whilst prompting an Internet craze as a result. This meme template showcases a side-by-side image of the notable Krusty Krab restaurant beside rival Chum Bucket, which is owned and operated by the devious Plankton. 

Clever individuals have now begun to superimpose an image of something that they have an affinity for on the Krusty Krab side, while posting something negative or unfavourable on the Chum Bucket side. 

Here is a selection of some examples that stood out the most: