As our FIRE EMOJI Spotify playlist begins to take off (12,000 followers and counting), we're taking on a new initiative to bring some of our favorite fire-co-signed artists to you live in New York, and eventually/hopefully, elsewhere around the world too. FIRE EMOJI LIVE will showcase hot talent - whether it's up-and-coming, already established, or somewhere in between, our only caveat is that they've been approved as VERY HOTTTTT (five Ts exclusively, no more and no less).

We're kicking off the first event in the series on Tuesday, August 15 at SOB's in New York. We've enlisted a couple of HNHH mainstays, and NYC spokesmen, Nyck Caution and Kirk Knight, jointly known as Nyck @ Knight, to kick off the first event, alongside Move Forward Music.

If you're not up to speed, the Pro Era rappers joined forces to release a collaborative project titled Nyck @ Knight. They've already released a few singles and music videos, including "Off the Wall" and "Dial Up." The full project drops July 21st.

Purchase tickets to see them live here.

Stay tuned for more FIRE EMOJI LIVE events, and check out the current FIRE EMOJI playlist below.