Anne Hathaway snapped on Thursday. The tragedy of Nia Wilson's murder pushed the Ocean's 8 star to post a riveting speech on Instagram, and Hathaway unloaded on white privilege. "The murder of Nia Wilson- may she rest in the power and peace she was denied here- is unspeakable AND MUST NOT be met with silence. She is not a hash tag; she was a black woman and she was murdered in cold blood by a white man," wrote Hathaway on a post that features a picture of Wilson. "White people- including me, including you- must take into the marrow of our privileged bones the truth that ALL black people fear for their lives DAILY in America and have done so for GENERATIONS," she continued. "White people DO NOT have equivalence for this fear of violence. Given those givens, we must ask our (white)selves- how “decent” are we really? Not in our intent, but in our actions? In our lack of action?"

Hathaway turned off the commenting function for the post, only allowing viewers to like the picture. Still, the internet found a way to slam the actress for her moment of solidarity with civil rights activists. Twitter users began attacking Hathaway only moments after her post went viral. "White privilege is a construed [sic] narrative of the left," wrote @TOMRJZSR. "I feel certain Anne Hathaway has slave owners in her family tree & she’s concerned it’s about to come out, nothing else really explains her issue with race in this situation, she can feel bad for Nia, everyone should, but white privilege?" questioned @StashDizzle. "Anne should give up half the money she made from her white privilege to black causes," stated @SusanRussellLV sarcastically. Although Hathaway is facing backlash from a small group of closed minded individuals, the general public is in support of her message and the tragedy of Nia Wilson bears heavy on all our hearts.