Actress Anna Faris has been known as a comedic force in movies like House Bunny, but these days, she's mostly known for her podcast, Unqualified, which she's bene hosting since 2015.

On Tuesday, she posted a seemingly harmless photo holding a wastebasket with the caption, "Having pre-show jitters. So glad Michael Sherman captured it. Also, I eventually decided to put on pants." Instantly after it was posted, Faris was hit with Internet trolls, body-shamers, and fans alike, all reaching out with concern. Her legs look visibly emaciated in the no-pants pic.

Some comments read, "you look so unhealthy, eat," and "I feel this pic is a cry for help." Others commented in support saying, "you are beautiful at any size. Health is our concern."

Within 15 minutes of the post being up, Faris took it down. You can still view the since-deleted photo here