Not many know Chris Morgan by his real name, although it's far less syllables to pronounce in comparison to The Angry Bagel Shop Guy. For those of you who've been hiding underneath a rock this summer, the rock you're hiding under is likely taller than Chris Morgan. All jokes aside, the five-foot-nothing man made headlines after going on a highly offensive misogynistic rant towards a predominantly female staff at a bagel shop. The angry rant seemed to stem from pent up aggression after being turned down so many times. But it seems like he didn't get all of his anger out that day.

According to TMZ, Chris Morgan was arrested at the Bay Shore Marina in New York after getting into an altercation with another man. Now, this shouldn't be shocking given his reputation of getting into public confrontations. Police confirmed that he was taken in, although he has since been released. 

"Third Precinct Police Officers were doing a patrol check of the Bay Shore Marina when they observed a man shouting at people, swinging a small bat and causing a disturbance at approximately 5:45 p.m. The man was transported to a local hospital for evaluation," police told the publication. 

After Morgan gained notoriety on the Internet, he later accepted an offer to get into the ring for a celebrity boxing match against Lenny Dykstra. The match it supposed to take place next month. We'll keep you posted on updates on that.