Last month, Chris Morgan became a viral meme after going on a misogynistic rant inside of a bagel shop. It's not exactly a prime location to stand on a soapbox but he clearly had some pent up aggression that he needed to get off of his chest. You see, Morgan's Napoleon Complex began to pop out inside of a bagel spot called Bagel Spot. He went on an aggressive tirade against the staff, which is predominantly women, because his lack of height has gotten him shut down by women on dating sites.

Following the whole incident, he was given the opportunity for a celebrity boxing match against former professional baseball player, Lenny Dykstra. However, when it came down to picking a nickname, he wanted to use Bagel Boss but according to TMZ, that resulted in legal threats. The lawyer for cafe chain, Bagel Boss, sent Morgan a cease and desist letter. So instead of taking on Bagel Boss -- which is inaccurate considering he got tackled to the ground inside of the bagel spot --, he opted to use the name The Angry Bagel Guy.

So the lawyers for Bagel Boss sent a letter to Morgan and the fight promoter Damon Feldman to refrain from using the name in any sort of promotion or ads for the fight. Apparently, it only took a few hours for the changes to be made and for The Angry Bagel Guy.