There's an abundance of dope Halloween costumes still circling the web that sees fans and celebrities alike doing the most to stand out this year. We did our own little roundup of stars such as Ciara, YG and more showing off their look and now we have to shout out radio personality Angie Martinez who slayed her Cardi B costume. 

Cardi has had a number of memorable looks in the past month alone, and Angie decided to channel her New York Fashion Week cheetah get-up with the furry shades and all. Angie even grabbed her own version of Offset to match the look perfectly - check it out below.

In other Cardi news, she and Nicki Minaj settled they feud with a truce on the matter. After some serious social media shade and honest opinions aired out, Nicki hopped on Twitter to shut it down completely with Cardi echoing the same sentiments. "Alright then! Let’s keep it positive and keep it pushing!" Cardi wrote