Angie Martinez's move from Hot 97 to station rival Power 105.1 was a bold move that came under fire from many of the radio personality's biggest fans. Now, her motives have been made all the more clear. 

According to a report by Page Six, Martinez will be taking an enormous pay raise for her transfer--double her previous salary to be more precise. Sources tell Page Six that Clear Channel, which owns Power 105.1, offered Martinez pay in the “high six figures” to come work for them. Martinez, who was a co-host of Hot 97’s “Afternoon Drive” broadcast with DJ Enuff, will now be hosting two four-hour shows in New York and Miami (Martinez’s rep had no comment).

Martinez previously told The Breakfast Club her new job opportunity was about growth and new experiences, explaining: "It was time for me to grow and to do things... I’m sure you all know, this company offers so much opportunity for growth. I want to be on in different cities. I want to be able to grow. I want to be able to have new challenges and see new things. I want to know how this studio works. And it was time. I’ve done what I can do in that company. I think my friendships remain."

Angie Martinez's first show on Power 105.1 is slated to air on the second or third week of July while Cipha Sounds has been bumped up to Angie's slot at her former place of employment.