Angela Simmons couldn't even do a Motivation Monday on Instagram without people coming to her page to question her personal struggles. The daughter of Joseph "Rev Run" Simmons from Run DMC and Valerie Vaughn has grown up with the finer things in life coming from hip hop royalty, but that doesn't mean that she hasn't experienced loss and pain. The 31-year-old shocked the public years ago when news surfaced that she was pregnant by a man named Sutton Tennyson. The two became engaged and the couple was on their way to wedded bliss until they called off the engagement and their relationship.

Simmons shared how she was adjusting to a single mom lifestyle on Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta, but for the most part, she's kept much of her private life...well...private. The former couple was doing their best to co-parent until Tennyson was gunned down in November 2018 and shot 13 times in front of his home. Simmons previously shared her journey of self-love and self-acceptance, including going to therapy to work through her mental and emotional struggles.

On Monday morning, Simmons wanted to drop off some motivational wisdom with her Instagram followers. "I wanted to talk to you guys about this," she said. "I feel like, every day is not an easy day. I feel like for me personally, I can't sit here and lie and pretend like every day I get up and I'm ready to go and life is beautiful. No, there are days when I don't want to do this."

"I want to change my routine up and I don't want to do this," Simmons continued. "But you know where I find my strength and I find the ability to be able to pull through is through God, is through therapists, through sitting down and really getting to know myself because we all have issues. We all go through things. Ignoring them is where the problem comes in at. If you're not gonna feed your soul what it needs if you're feeling down or you're feeling depressed or you're feeling like you're going through's important to figure out, get to the bottom of what's going on with yourself and I think that's where I'm able to overcome things."

Although she was just trying to inspire others, there were some people who just wouldn't let her be great. "Just curious, what are your problems?" one woman asked. "Do you have to go to work everyday? Do you have to send your child to daycare? Are you struggling to pay bills? Other than loosing you baby’s father I am really curious to know what problems you have? Think about this while you on a yacht, traveling, spending all day with your son, shopping, working out, or doing a photo shoot. People have real struggles so save the pep talk."

Angela politely responded to the woman by saying, "It's not necessary that I share all of my personal issues. However, I am here to uplift. And I pray that you have a blessed day." Everyone goes through things, regardless of their tax bracket, but do you think rich people have a right to complain?