Angela Simmons has recently experienced the death of her former fiance who was also the father of her child. While the young mother is navigating the implications of single parenthood, she felt compelled to share some inspiration with her social media following. The public figure filmed a short clip to deliver a few words of encouragement. “You’re never stuck in anything. You always have a chance in life to make life changes. If you don't like the path you're on, you can change it.”

 Romain Maurice/Getty Images

She continued to point out the ephemeral nature of life: "Nothing in life is permanent unless you allow that to be the story of your life."

Now, this attitude based in accountability and self-determination may ring true for many of Angela's viewers but her message fell flat for some parts of her following. Social media users were quick to check the socialite in terms of her financial wealth. From their perspective, the economic privilege that was passed down to her through her family's success makes her message seem flimsy.

One user named @angryblkhoemo garnered thousands of likes in approval of his critique: "People who were literally born into wealth and privilege really need to just sit down and eat their food when it comes to these kinds of topics." Many others chimed in with similar sentiments.

Apparently, good advice is only welcome if dished out by people who have "been through some sh*t."