Angela Simmons has come through this Thursday afternoon with a feel-good reminder for everyone to go easy on themselves and love their natural state. If you've been following the 30-year-old shoe designer on Instagram you will see her numerous gym posts and progress throughout, and her latest post shows a more stripped down photo with words of encouragement for herself and her 5.4 million followers. 

"Always a work in progress. Naturally achieving my body goals daily. Always room improvement. However  loving myself just as I am is very important. Loving myself just as I am. Everyday is a new day. Some days I want a flatter stomach, some days I want my arms to be cut up, some days I want to round out my bum more," she wrote on Instagram. 

"The biggest lesson I have learned is being content with who I am. Nothing wrong with striving to always be better. But always be good to yourself . Never put yourself down. love yourself just as you are."

Get your life, Angela.