Welp. Angel Haze took her music career into her own hands this past December when she decided to leak her own album, Dirty Gold, after her label apparently refused to release it on the date she wanted.

We saw this all go down-- Haze took to her Soundcloud to post all the album tracks, which didn't stay up for long, as Island/Republic Records complied to Ms. Haze's wishes and released the album much earlier than they would have liked-- December 30th rather than March of this year. Well, we are now learning that maybe major labels know a thing or two.

Angel Haze's debut effort has gone on to have dismal sales, as the rumors suggested. On the first day Dirty Goldwas out it managed to sell 187 copies. By the end of the first week, sales reached an astoundingly low number of 1,151.

Haze seems to have a good relationship with her fans overseas, as she has performed there often, however they didn't come to her aid either. In the UK she moved even less, with 857 copies sold.

So it's probably not a good idea to release your album the day before New Year's Eve.