A few months ago, Andy Ruiz completely changed the heavyweight division after he defeated Anthony Joshua despite being a 25-1 underdog. He claimed all of Joshua's belts and it completely changed the way people see the division. Over the weekend, Joshua and Ruiz had their rematch which led to an easy unanimous decision for Joshua who reclaimed all of the belts he lost. Ruiz didn't stand much of a chance and looked like the underdog he was supposed to be in the first fight.

TMZ recently caught up with Ruiz and asked him what went wrong on Saturday. As he explains, he partied too much and ate like a fiend leading up to the fight. All of this made him out of shape and unprepared to take on a methodical fighter like Joshua.

"I think I ate everything ... everything ... that's why I gained so much weight," Ruiz admitted. "I was having too much fun, I was celebrating too much. Just being with my friends and just celebrating. Drinking a few more Coronas than I should have."

For now, it appears as though Ruiz is hoping for a third match against Joshua although he may have to wait for Joshua to battle against Deontay Wilder or Tyson Fury, first.